Today, the luxury industry is a real source of employment. It is the dream of many students, who decide to train in schools specialized in this prestigious universe. Which companies recruit after training in a luxury school?

A wide choice of sectors

At the end of a training program in a luxury school, students have a wide range of choices to find their way. Depending on what they are looking for, they can either apply for a position in a major luxury goods company or move to a more human-sized structure such as a start-up. In practice, the French luxury industry is characterized by a wide variety of sectors: it is renowned for its haute couture, cosmetics, oenology, hotels, jewelry, etc. For the student, it is therefore possible to consider working in an infinite number of different sectors, depending on the nature of his or her training and taste. For example, a student with a passion for fashion could apply to LVMH: the French company currently employs over 125,000 people and is the world's leading luxury goods company. As for cosmetics lovers, they can consider a career with the Dior group, recognized as one of the international leaders in this market... It may also be interesting to apply for a job with Chanel, whose perfumes, skincare products and make-up are renowned throughout the world: the company recently decided to offer a 100% made in France production, which prompted it to relocate all of its manufacturing workshops on French territory! On the leather goods side, the Hermès group is currently planning to open a new production unit in the near future. The company is already looking at different potential sites to set up shop, and is expected to create numerous jobs by 2023.

Work-study programs as an approach

It would be simplistic to mention only French companies among the possible opportunities: in fact, the training provided in luxury schools has an international dimension, and students can therefore apply to all the luxury houses around the world! Among them are Richemont, based in Switzerland, Tiffany & Co, in the USA, and Prada, in Italy. In order to enter the job market under the best conditions, many luxury school students today choose to do a work-study program, sometimes with an international dimension. In concrete terms, this type of training regularly offers employment opportunities, as it often happens that the student is recruited by the company in which he or she has completed the work-study program. EIML Paris is a leading international school of luxury marketing and management. It is a private institution of higher learning that offers various courses dedicated to the world of luxury. It is notably possible to follow a Master's degree in Luxury, dedicated to marketing strategy and communication in the world of luxury, or a study program of international scope, intended for profiles wishing to study marketing, communication, and management specific to the luxury sector in Paris, London, Shanghai, New York or Milan.  Attending a luxury school today is the ideal way to create job opportunities in a growing industry. All over the world, the major brands need competent personnel who are trained in the specifics of this demanding industry.
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