Usually, after a long day of classes, when we return home, we feel exhausted and our first reflex is to sit on the couch to relax a bit. Then in this position, the will to do something is gone. Especially when you think about the mountain of homework that awaits you, it makes you want to stay put. Why not adapt a quick and efficient solution by creating a little routine to do in the evenings when you get home to be more attentive afterwards? It's all about getting organized and relaxing. So, here are 5 things to do after class.

Take care of yourself and take stock of the day

To keep the brain working at its best, the idea is to put your head to rest and air out the mind a bit before getting back to work. In this case, it is necessary to do fun and pleasant things to relax and enjoy oneself, such as playing a video game, reading a book, taking a bubble bath, having a big family snack, watching one or several series... But before all that and the most important thing, it is necessary to take into account the positive things or to evacuate all the problems met during the day and to find solutions to be more confident the following day. This consists in talking about it to other people, writing it down in a notebook (making course sheets) or in your head to better reflect on it, rewinding your day to save time and help you better record the events. In particular, the course cards will summarize the useful points of each course and will facilitate the revisions when the tests arrive.

Exercise or stretch

So, after taking stock of the day, it is necessary to practice a sport and then take some time for yourself. It is necessary to move to de-stress, to release, to clear the head, especially to wake up the body after a big day of course placed on an unpleasant chair and to use its skull at a thousand hours. For this, doing sports will be perfect. Sport or just stretching releases the hormones of well-being, the endorphins, including the one that fights stress.

Organize the evening and the next day

To put your ideas in order and guarantee that you won't forget anything, it is important to make a to-do list which consists of writing down all the things to be done during the evening, for example the housework, the homework to be done... but also those to be done the next day, for example, the food, the outfit... Being well organized is therefore essential to have a healthy mind, that is to say, I no longer need to think about it later on, and to enjoy the rest of the evening better.

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