TOEIC: how to prepare for the test?

The TOEIC is defined as a group of English tests. To evaluate your level of English if you are not from an English-speaking country, you can register for the TOEIC test. This test is an international reference for your level of English. It is necessary to get as many points as possible when you take the TOEIC test to stand out from the other competitors. To do this, like any exam, you will need to prepare well. You will have the opportunity to take mock exams which are free on the Internet to find out your level and to get into the swing of things, you may find them on The conditions during the mock exams are the same as during the real test.

Well organising your revision

The effectiveness of your training depends on the organisation of your revision for the toeic. You should dedicate a few months of revision before taking the test. An average of one hour per day is sufficient for revision. There are many forms of revision and you just need to find what suits you best. You can, for example, study for sample tests or watch series or films in their original English version. You can alternate these techniques for greater efficiency. There are also specialised training centres that offer English courses to prepare for the test. 

About the lexical fields

In order for your test to go smoothly, you should be able to anticipate typical TOEIC test topics. Among these topics, you may notice lexical fields that are frequently present such as the fields of technology and communication, business topics, finance and budgeting, health and entertainment. You will have a better chance of passing the test if you work regularly on these topics and related vocabulary. You will do better in the tests.

Put the odds in your favour

The test is divided into two parts. Each part has several sections. The first part is the listening comprehension which lasts ¾ of an hour. The second part is the reading comprehension which lasts for one hour and 15 minutes. The tests are in the form of multiple-choice questions and are timed. Read the test instructions carefully before you start. Concentrate as much as possible during the whole test.
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